Heart of London Sangha Bursary Scheme

The bursary scheme is intended to help committed practitioners on a low income attend a retreat in the UK, at Plum Village or the European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB) and have an opportunity to practise with the Dharma teachers and the wider sangha, deepen their practice and enjoy all the benefits of the retreat environment.

The criteria for applying are as follows:ยท

Regular attendance in the HoL sangha for at least one year (although some exceptions may be considered) and contribution to sangha life

The maximum amount allocated will be 50% of the retreat cost and/or travel expenses, and funding will only be available for retreats of up to one week in duration.

If funds are awarded but the applicant is not able to attend the retreat, for whatever reasons, they will be required to repay the full bursary.

Applications should be sent to with the dates of the retreat and the cost.

The whole process will be confidential.